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Extrusion equipment maintenance method
Mar 17, 2018

The extruder belongs to the production equipment and needs to be maintained in the process of use. The maintenance mode can be divided into two kinds: regular maintenance and daily maintenance. So today we will use the information on baidu baike to tell you how the extruder is maintained. The screw extrusion system is maintained in two ways: daily maintenance and regular maintenance:

The daily maintenance is a regular routine, which does not account for the operating hours of the equipment and is usually completed during the driving period. The key point is to clean the machine, lubricate the moving parts, tighten the loose thread parts, check and adjust the motor, control the instrument, all the working parts and pipes, etc.

2 maintenance regularly in extruder with a continuous run of 2500-5000 - h after machine downtime, the machine needs to break up inspection, measuring, identification of wear situation of main parts, replacement parts to wear specified limit, repair the damaged parts.

It is not allowed to operate the empty car, so as to avoid the screw and the machine barrel.

If an abnormal sound occurs during the operation of the extruder, stop immediately and check or repair it.

To prevent metal or other debris from falling into the hopper, so as not to damage the screw and barrel. In order to prevent the metal debris from entering the cylinder, it can install the magnetic part or magnetic frame in the feeding port of the material to prevent the clutter from falling into the material.

Pay attention to the cleaning of the production environment, do not mix the garbage impurities into the material clogging filter board, affect the product yield, quality and increase the head resistance.

When the extruder needs to stop using for a long time, it should be coated with anti-rust grease on the working surface of screw, barrel and machine head. The small screw should be suspended in the air or placed in a special wooden box, and then used to cover the screw, so as not to deform or touch the screw.

The temperature control instrument is calibrated regularly to check the accuracy and sensitivity of the control.

The reduction gearbox maintenance is the same as the general standard reducer. Mainly check gear, bearing and other wear and failure conditions. The gearbox shall use the lubricating oil specified in the machine manual, and the oil solution shall be added to the oil level according to the specified oil level, and the oil solution is too small, and the lubrication is insufficient, and the service life of the parts shall be reduced. Excessive oil, high heat, energy consumption, oil perishable, also the lubrication failure, resulting in damage to the components. The oil leakage part of the gearbox should be replaced in time to ensure the amount of lubricating oil.

The inner wall of the cooling water pipe is easy to corrode and rust. It should be carefully checked in the maintenance, too much scale can clog the pipe line, can not reach the cooling effect, corrosion seriously can leak, so the maintenance must take the scaling and anti-corrosion measures.

It is necessary to check the wear and contact condition of the brush, and the insulation resistance value of the motor should be measured regularly. In addition, check whether the cable and other parts are rusty and adopt protective measures.

The designated person is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. Detailed records of each maintenance repair are included in the plant equipment management files.

Our extruder factory has been eatablished for near 18 years since 2000. We are focused on developping and designing the most precision, highest stable and top professional medical and industrial extruder machine line system these years. Multi-type extruders adopt world famous AC frequency converter with free maintenance function, optional Japan Mitsubishi servo motor, Japan OMRON temperature controller, German Siemens PLC controlling system with Siemens human-computer interface, laser type tube OD detecting gauge with advanced closed loop function, etc. Compact structure, easy operation, extensive capacity and applicable to various plastic material and different application. The just right price of our precision extrusion equipment is formed from continuous designing and standard modular manufacturing. Our strict production standards and precise parameters controlling system guarantee the highest precision, most stable and top professional medical and industrial extruder machine equipment in China.

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