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high precision medical tube extruder machine
Aug 21, 2017

high precision medical tube extruder machine

1. The machine is used to produce PU gastric tube, radiography line catheters, single-lumen, double-lumen, tri-lumen gastric tubes etc;

2. Applied materials: Medical grade PU material;

3. Our advantages in the medical tubes extrusion machine:

(1) Professional dedicated in research, development, production and technical service of precise medical tubes extrusion production lines for many years;

(2) Top-ranking technical, mechanical, electrical engineers which have rich practical experience in design & manufacturing of medical catheter tube extrusion machines;

(3) Our medical catheter tube extrusion equipment conforms with medical-use no-dust & no-bacteria using conditions, 

(4) Cooling water tank is fully sealed by toughened glass, tractor and cutter machine have transparent glass cover, machine structure design is perfect, easy for cleaning. 

high precision medical tube extruder machine Features


1. Screw and barrel use high strength nitrogenization treated alloy steel (38CrMoAIA) or quenching alloy steel (9Cr18MoV); Separated screw special for PU, L/D: 28;

2. AC frequency converter control drive;

3. Intelligent temperature control meter, control temperature precision: ±1ºC;

4. could also choose fully computer control, all control operation through touch screen;

5. Integration of various safety protection function, technology parameter saving function, trouble alarm and auto trouble detection function;

6. Power transmission through direct-connection type, no dust, low noise;



1. Imported S136 thermo-stable steel special for extruding die;

2. Smooth mirror surface flow channel;

3. Double color co-extrusion die available, color-line straight and clear; 

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