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How does plastic extrusion equipment cool?
Aug 08, 2017

Plastic extruders are usually the use of air-cooled way to cool the equipment, then the hot summer sometimes the temperature will not fall down then how do we do? First of all, the temperature is not down because the outside temperature is too high can be installed in the room temperature on the indoor temperature and then through the fan on the screw barrel air-cooled. And then one is to increase the air flow for large air volume fan or high-power fan to blow the equipment to ensure that the air flow to enhance, so you can also drop the temperature of the extruder. We said that the air-cooled plastic extruder, if it is water-cooled plastic extruder, then if the temperature drop down can be equipped with a chiller on the mandatory cooling of the circulating water, as long as the water pipe can not plug the plastic extruder screw The temperature down.

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