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Plastic pipe extrusion production
Aug 08, 2017

Plastic pipe production process and method According to the specific product of the material and the type of plastic pipe size to determine the plastic extruder model. Plastic extruders need to use plastic particles to be extruded, the quality of plastic pipes and the quality of particles have a direct relationship, so in the production of plastic pipe must be sure to determine the quality of plastic particles. The plastic particles are plasticized by means of a plastic extruder, and the plastic is processed by the rotation of the plastic extruder screw. The product is extruded from the die of the plastic extruder and then molded by water cooling. This is the conventional plastic pipe extrusion production process, but some of the plastic pipe extrusion production also need the middle of the thread, or wire. So that the need to fill the auxiliary equipment for processing products after the production, the specific production process to be determined according to the type of product. And some products in the production of the need for vacuum stereotypes or in the production of the need to blow the mold to ensure that the shape of the product.

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