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Plastic Single Screw Extruder
Oct 06, 2017

Single screw extruder is one of the core operations in polymer processing and is also a key component in many other processing operations. The foremost goal of a single screw extrusion process is to build pressure in a polymer melt so that it can be extruded through a die or injected into a mold. Most machines are plasticizing: they bring in solids in pellet or powder form and melt them as well as building pressure.

A single-screw extruder is a press which pushes material through its barrel under conditions of high pressure and temperature. It can produce objects of different length with a cross-section corresponding to the outlet opening.

Benefits of Our Medical Grade Screw Extruder:

Our engineer has designed out Single Screw Extruders with modular design concepts to meet medical market requirements. The result is built-in flexibility, lower cost, faster deliveries and ultimately, an exceptionally competitive value to our customers, from stand-alone extruders to complete systems. The single screw extruders handle applications such as medical soft catheter, infusion tubing set, soft PVC PU tube, CVC catheter tube, medical urine bag, blood bag, infusion bag, serum bag, feeding bag, etc.


The extrusion process melts the raw material and then hardens it once shaped. It can be applied to ceramics, rubber, thermoplastic polymers, pasta and other food products.

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