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What is a plasticating screw extruder?
Feb 24, 2018

Our extruder factory has been eatablished for near 18 years since 2000. We are focused on developping and designing the most precision, highest stable and top professional medical and industrial extruder machine line system these years. Multi-type extruders adopt world famous AC frequency converter with free maintenance function, optional Japan Mitsubishi servo motor, Japan OMRON temperature controller, German Siemens PLC controlling system with Siemens human-computer interface, laser type tube OD detecting gauge with advanced closed loop function, etc. Compact structure, easy operation, extensive capacity and applicable to various plastic material and different application. The just right price of our precision extrusion equipment is formed from continuous designing and standard modular manufacturing. Our strict production standards and precise parameters controlling system guarantee the highest precision, most stable and top professional medical and industrial extruder machine equipment in China.

It's an extruder that uses a screw like an augur to convey plastic (usually pellets or flakes). While conveying the plastic pieces, they are melted. The melted plastic is then forced out of the extruder by the screw. Depending on the application, it then enters some type of mixing/metering device. Then it passes through a die to form the melted plastic into a sheet for film, tube for blow molding, etc.

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