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Rubber extrusion die how to choose
Aug 08, 2017

Rubber extruder used to squeeze the part called rubber die, rubber die connected to the rubber extruder barrel and die, can be said to be a hub. The rubber extruder die is specially designed for the product to be produced. The connection size of the die should be in accordance with the connection method and size of the rubber extruder. In the production of the die that is to ensure that the production of the required pressure and can not make the equipment load is too large and lead to equipment production damage. So when the design of the extruder die when we must choose a professional manufacturer to design and production. We choose the mold of the die according to the shape of the product and the number of products produced. Our common extruder die is round, according to the role of the extruder in the production to play the role of design, such as sometimes we need to use the T-head to some products and rubber Combination.

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