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Screw design of silicone extrusion equipment
Aug 08, 2017

Silicone rubber extruder screw screw screw than the same type of cold feed rubber extruder to be shorter, silicone rubber extruder according to the extrusion characteristics of silicone specifically designed. Some people will ask the ordinary cold feed rubber extruder can be extruded silicone rubber, then why do you want to design silicone rubber extruder? Here we can say that the silicone extruder screw diameter ratio than the general performance of the EPDM rubber extrusion equipment, the screw is smaller, then the late power equipment and transmission systems and reducer configuration are To reduce the configuration. Then the cost of production will be reduced a lot, so that not only can reduce the cost of our purchase of equipment can also save the cost of production in the production, but also does not affect the efficiency of production products and quality.

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