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Selection of water tank for plastic extrusion equipment
Aug 08, 2017

Plastic products in the extrusion when the way through the water-cooled stereotypes, such as seals and plastic pipes are plastic extruders to plastic granules and then through the plastic screw shear, pressure and other procedures After processing a plastic to the forward thrust. So that the plastic raw materials to the plastic extrusion machine die and extrusion molding, extruded products are liquid or semi-liquid state, and then need to be water-cooled before they can be stereotypes. The production of ordinary products such as seals is simply a need for a simple water tank. The length of the sink The root of the product also has a large relationship, because after a long period of production in the water tank will continue to rise, and if the natural cooling speed without the speed of water will affect the product molding. The choice of plastic cooling sink is also very critical.

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