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Temperature control of rubber extrusion
Aug 08, 2017

Rubber extruder in the production of the time for the temperature requirements are very strict, in the actual production we have to always pay attention to the rubber extruder screw screw temperature to produce. The rubber extruder needs to be preheated before starting the machine to feed the feed, since the extruder's rubber extruder is now a cold feed rubber extruder and is not preheated before the formal production Will affect the plasticity of rubber and can not produce. The preheating temperature of each rubber is not the same according to the actual production experience to operate, when the extruder after work with the rubber and the screw between the friction between the screw will lead to some self-produced temperature, and This will make the temperature of the device higher and higher, when the temperature rose to a certain value will make the rubber in the barrel before the vulcanization and can not complete the production.

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