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The advantages of pin-type rubber extrusion equipment
Aug 08, 2017

Rubber Extruder According to the rubber extruder screw type can be divided into exhaust rubber extruder and pin-type rubber extruder two types. Exhausted rubber extruders can be evacuated when the vacuum can be avoided inside the product to appear bubbles, usually we see the seal is to use this type of extruder to produce. For some products requiring high density, such as rubber tube production are mostly used pin-type rubber extruder for production, pin-type rubber extruder can be in the barrel of the rubber for the second mixing, and increase the rubber The toughness of the barrel in the extrusion pressure increases the rubber density increases, you can increase the burst out of the rubber tube. So when we choose the rubber extruder we have to choose the right, the correct choice of rubber extruder can improve the quality of the product but also to avoid waste of resources.

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