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The choice of rubber tube extrusion equipment
Aug 08, 2017

There are many types of rubber extrusion, there is a rubber extruder for some of the rubber extrusion or special, then the rubber tube out of the choice of what kind of rubber extruder? Our common types of rubber extruders are exhaust rubber extruders and pin-type rubber extruders. Pin-type rubber extruder is often used as a rubber tube extrusion and production, because the rubber extruder barrel mounted in a uniform pin, the pin can make the rubber in the barrel of the second mixing and increase the extrusion pressure. The pressure of the rubber extruder can be increased to increase the density of the product and increase the burst pressure of the product. The type of pin-type rubber extruder is selected according to the size of the product. There are 75 kinds of pin-type rubber extruder and 90-pin type rubber extruder to produce the product. Rubber tube production process can be divided into pressure vulcanization and non-pressure vulcanization, according to the specific product to choose.

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