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The production of soft and hard composite seal
Aug 08, 2017

Soft and hard composite seal, also known as black and white, in the production of the time need to use two plastic extruder for co-extrusion to be squeezed out. We also called soft and hard composite sealing production equipment is called soft and hard composite tape extruder, in fact, two plastic extruder from the composite die to the extrusion production. Plastic extruder models to be based on the size of the strip to choose the size of the two models of the equipment is not necessarily the same, after extrusion need to be able to get through the water cooling we need the product. Plastic extruder in the production of materials according to the specific material to be set. The temperature of the screw of the plastic extruder must be set at the appropriate value to produce a qualified product because if the equipment is unstable, the physical value of the product will change and the product quality will be unstable.

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