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The temperature control system of the plastic extruder is a key part of the plastic extruder.
Mar 03, 2018

Plastic extruder temperature control system in the whole device belongs to the very key part of the plastic extruding machine usually by electric leaf or heating pipe for heating equipment of screw barrel screw so that the plastic particles in the screw tubes plasticizing is good. In the continuous operation of the equipment, the interaction between the raw materials and the equipment will result in the spontaneous generation temperature. It can make the temperature of the equipment is higher and higher, when the temperature rises to a certain value will change the nature of the raw material, after which would seriously affect the quality of the product can make raw material coking and adhesion of plastic people their best by the screw. So we're not only going to heat up the plastic extruder in production but also we need to cool the device. Plastic extruder cooling ways in the process of extrusion molding is generally belongs to the cool air, when the temperature of the equipment by sensors to intelligent control intelligence system, reach the set point temperature screw start in order to achieve the effect of cooling fan

We warmly welcome you to visit our factory and check our running machine on site first, make everything clear enough during face to face meeting process before signing contract.

We will keep you updated and send you the producing photos each month until machine is completed. During final testing process, we will send you the complete producing video for your checking first and later send you product samples for your final confirming. After samples agreed, you can send your engineer to come and check your running machine on site, he can also learn how to operate completely, 2 days max. All necessary videos can be recorded.

When the machine arrived to your factory, your engineer can try to install, connect and operate it by themselves first. Based on same international rule for machine installing, if your engineer is unable to do these jobs, based on our contract, we will send one of our engineer to your factory for installing, operating and teaching them on site. What you need to bear is round-ticket, food, hotel, and pay allowance USD100 per day for our engineer, 7 days max normally. Of cause we will also try to send you the operating video and guiding manual through on line or email if we have before engineer sent out to you. 

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