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The versatility of transparent tape extrusion equipment
Aug 08, 2017

Transparent plastic seal extruder is a powder for the production of extrusion, and other types of seal production equipment production process is not the same, so for the versatility is basically very small. In addition to the design of the screw barrel outside the use of transparent tape if the production of other types of plastic, then the plastic extruder will lead to residual plastic in the barrel, and then produce a transparent seal, then the product will affect the color and transparency. If the equipment is clean, then it is a very complicated work, so transparent seal extruder are generally dedicated. That is, this equipment is specialized in producing transparent seal of the extruder, not the production of other types of seals. There are many types of seals, in the purchase of equipment must be selected when they can meet the needs of their own production equipment, so the choice of plastic extruder is a kind of knowledge.

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