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The whole process of plastic granulation.
Mar 15, 2018

The application of plastic granule is very wide, because most plastic products are in the form of plastic pellets in plastic extruder. Plastic particles are basically the same production process, recycled plastic broken through the mill, or directly with plastic powder on the kneading machine for uniform mixing of plastic raw materials and filler are mixed together. Mix of complete plastic raw material can be directly to plastic granule machine for extrusion molding, plastic granule machine products is usually cylindrical bar, and then after cooling water tank for cooling, then into the plastic pelletizing machine to complete production. Plastic granulator particle cutting process can also be eager, eager after the nose in plastic particles machines can squeeze into particles directly, so that we can without plastic cutting machine for cutting grain production. We are a professional manufacturer of extrusion machine, the company production of plastic extrusion machine, plastic machine, plastic sealing strip production line, rubber extruder, rubber extruder, luminous word boundary of the extruder, rubber water stop line and other products in the industry have high visibility, friends in need can be to visit our company to inspect and also can undertake advisory calls.

When the machine arrived to your factory, your engineer can try to install, connect and operate it by themselves first. Based on same international rule for machine installing, if your engineer is unable to do these jobs, based on our contract, we will send one of our engineer to your factory for installing, operating and teaching them on site. What you need to bear is round-ticket, food, hotel, and pay allowance USD100 per day for our engineer, 7 days max normally. Of cause we will also try to send you the operating video and guiding manual through on line or email if we have before engineer sent out to you. 

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