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Design Of Feeding Block For Rubber Extrusion Equipment
Aug 08, 2017

The function of the feedstock of the rubber extruder is to force the rubber into a device in the barrel. The rubber extruder is in the process of producing a process of plasticizing and further processing the rubber in the barrel through the rotation of the screw. The role of the feed of the rubber extruder in the production is critical because in the event of insufficient production of the product, the product can not be molded or the surface of the product is not smooth. The other is if the equipment is not uniform feeding, then the product can not guarantee the continuity of the uniformity of the size of the product size varies. So the rubber extruder feeding seat is a very critical part of the rubber extruder feeding seat design to ensure that the product in the production of rubber no less than leakage, eat glue evenly, you can ensure that the die at the molding pressure is a qualified products