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From The Quality Of Plastic Good Screw Bad Screw?
Aug 08, 2017

It is no exaggeration to say that the screw is part of the heart of the extruder. It can determine the quality of a plastic extruder production capacity, plastic quality, temperature, power consumption, etc., these factors affect the performance of a screw. Plastic quality refers to the plastic in the barrel by heating to reach the flow of the state has a good plasticity of the quality, a good screw must be able to produce a quality requirements of plastic products.

Meet the quality requirements refers to the production of products should meet the following requirements:

1, with a variety of properties including the required physical, chemical, mechanical and electrical requirements.

2, with a desirable appearance quality. Such as to achieve the user on the bubble, crystal point, dyeing uniformity of the requirements of dispersion.

3, with the requirements of the plastic screw quality:

1) good screw extruded melt temperature uniformity, axial fluctuations, radial temperature difference is not.

2) The good screw has the lowest melt temperature to be shaped.

3) good screw rotation of the melt pressure squeeze out less.

4) good screw can make dyeing and other additives dispersed evenly.