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Plastic PE Pipe Extrusion Equipment
Aug 08, 2017

Plastic pipe extrusion is mostly through the plastic extruder plastic plastic particles and then by plastic screw extrusion, plastic through the plastic extruder screw screw plastic processing and then by the plastic die extrusion molding, And then through water cooling after the stereotypes. Plastic pipe production process are basically in this way to produce, PE plastic pipe production process is the case. Plastic extruder model selection according to the size of the PE pipe to be determined, the plastic pipe molding process and the type of pipe also has a great relationship. Some PE pipe directly through the plastic extrusion machine can be extruded, and some of the middle of the tube with a braided wire need to be woven after the production of some products is in the production of the need to design the blower at the same time the production In order to ensure the shape of the need to blow the die and so on. These roots are the kind of PE pipe has a great relationship, there is a need for equipment friends can contact us. Hebei Weiyuan Rubber & Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic extruder, the company's products are rubber extruder, plastic extruder, rubber tube extruder, seal production line and other equipment, there is a need friends can play Telephone contact us for consultation, you can also come to visit the manufacturers.