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Medical Silicone Products And Devices
Oct 06, 2017

Every product places demands on materials, but demands in the medical industry can be particularly stringent. When medical products and devices don’t perform as they should, the consequences can be serious, immediate, and costly. The strict regulations on medical products can help prevent those problems, but they also pose a set of development challenges in getting a product to market.

Silicones are some of the most extensively bio-tested materials, used in the fabrication of medical devices including urological catheters, surgical incision drains and respiratory devices, as well as parts such as valves and o-rings. Silicones’ biocompatibility and biodurability make them an excellent material choice for applications that come into contact with our bodies.

Silicone rubbers and elastomers are used to create various parts and can be extruded into tubing. Syringes and vials are coated with silicone fluids to provide lubrication, while needles and surgical instruments coated with silicone are less painful for patients. In wound care, silicones are used in gentle adhesives for dressings and scar management products.

We can help you with your silicone supply needs. We have long term hospital implantable grade silicone sheeting and short term hospital implantable grade silicone sheeting products.

At menhow, we supply hospital grade silicone products,  to a variety of medical establishments across the country. Our staff of dedicated medical professionals is here to serve you. We specialize in low or high volume pre-packaged medical grade silicone sheeting, tubing, and medical devices. Please read our company website to know more details: