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The Use And Maintenance Of The Extruder
Aug 08, 2017

1. Extruder extrusion products specifications are different materials are not the same, select the extruder specifications models.

2. After the type and specification of the extruder is determined, it is also a matter of attention in selecting the equipment manufacturer

3. Extruder production line on the corresponding supporting equipment and the ability to work with each machine to match, so that the equipment can give full play to its functional role, to ensure that the production line equipment to coordinate the work.

4. In the use of the extruder, in order to ensure that the extrusion function in the best conditions for a long time to work for the extruder with the appropriate skilled operation of the skilled workers, is also an important guarantee conditions. It is necessary to understand the structure and function of the equipment and the specifications and production capacity of the processed product. At the same time, it should know how to carry out the maintenance of the equipment. For the use of new workers, must be operational technical training, so that they memorize the equipment operating procedures; practical training, after passing the examination, to work independently

5. Extruder to have a good working environment, the production workshop equipment to moisture, anti-corrosion, anti-stress and anti-sand.

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