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The Working Mode Of The Exhaust Type Extruder
Aug 08, 2017

Exhaust extruder work: raw materials into the first-order screw, after the feeding section, plasticizing section and the homogenization section, the basic plasticization. During the extrusion process, the mixed gas such as moisture, air, volatiles, etc. in the raw material overflows in the extrusion kneading. As the exhaust port and the vacuum pump with the pipeline, the melt is squeezed to the exhaust port, the pressure plummeted, so the melt in the mixed gas to the exhaust port was pulled out. The melt is rotated by the screw and the step of the screw, to be further plasticized, and then in the isobaric, equivalent and relatively stable temperature conditions were extrusion molding die, molded into plastic products.