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What Is The Difference Between Plastic Extruder And Injection Molding Machine?
Aug 08, 2017

Extruder and injection molding machines are plastic processing machines, both sounded so slightly similar, but in fact not the same. Plastic extruder and injection molding machine both have a lot of difference between the two, the following by the plastic extruder professionals to introduce to the two machines to understand more knowledge points.

Extruder is the role of the screw in the molten plastic through a fixed shape of the extrusion port extrusion, under the action of the traction machine by water-cooled after cutting. Mainly used for a variety of the same cross-section of a large number of continuous production, such as pipe, bar, profile, etc., can also be used for plastic modified granulation. Its plastic processing is called extrusion molding process.

Injection molding machine is the injection of molten plastic into the mold, after cooling is the product. Use a very wide range, according to different plastics, the use of different places. The process is called injection molding process.