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High Precision Medical Soft Catheter Tube End Tipping Thermoforming Welding Machine

This Medical soft catheter tube end tipping welding closing machine is mainly used for semi automatic tube end tipping welding or thermoforming for different kinds of soft PVC, PE, PP, EVA tube, etc, such as CVC catheter, urethral catheter, stomach tube, feeding tube, etc, the highest speed and most stable type in China at present.

Medical soft catheter tube end tipping thermoforming machine








A. Main Application:

This Medical soft catheter tubing end tipping welding thermoforming machine is mainly used for semi automatic tube end tipping welding or thermoforming for different kinds of soft PVC, PE, PP, EVA tube, etc, such as CVC catheter, urethral catheter, stomach tube, feeding tube, etc.

B. Working Principle:

Electric heating regulator adjusts the heating temperature. Placing 5 sets of thermoforming glasses tubes on the heater during the beginning, then inserting and pushing the medical tube-head to be thermoformed inside when getting to the right heating temperature.

C. Main Parameters:

C1. Model: DT-12.

C2. Tube diameter: Ø1-Ø12mm mostly.

C3. Working speed: 1,250pcs/h.

C4. Material of the thermoforming tube: Special high strength silica glass.

C5. 5 pcs of special high strength silica glasses necessary for each diameter size of opened and closed Ø1-Ø12mm medical tube, 17 sizes totally, such as OD x ID=2x1.1mm, 2.3x1.3mm, 2.7x1.7mm, 3.3x2.3mm, 4x2.8mm, 4.7x3.3mm, 5.3x3.8mm, 6x4.5mm, 6.7x5.1mm, 7.3x5.6mm, 8x6.2mm, 8.7x6.9mm, 9.3x7.5mm, 10x8mm, 10.7x8.7mm, 11.3x9.3mm, 12x10mm.

C6. Heating power: 1KW.

C7. Machine size: 400x400x200mm.

C8. Weight: 12KG.

D. Packing and Shipping Photos:

10(001).jpg 11(001).jpg

12(001).jpg 13(001).jpg

E. Our Certificates:



F. Our Before to After service:

F1. We warmly welcome you to visit our factory and check our plastic tubing end tipping welding machine on site first, make everything clear enough during face to face meeting process before signing contract.

F2. After your plastic tube end thermoforming machine put into manufacturing, we will keep you updated and send you the producing photos each month until your assembling machine is completed. During final testing process here, we will send you the complete operating video for your checking first and later send you product samples for your final confirming. After samples agreed, you can send your engineer to come and check your running machine on site, he can also learn how to operate completely, normally 2 working days max. All necessary videos can be recorded here.

F3. When the machine arrived to your factory, your engineer can try to install, connect and operate it by themselves first. Based on same international rule for machine installing, if your engineer is unable to do these jobs, based on our contract, we will send one of our engineer to your factory for installing, operating and teaching them on site. What you need to bear is go and back round-ticket, food, hotel, and pay allowance USD100 per day for our engineer, normally 7 working days max. Of cause we will also try to send you the operating video and guiding manual through on line or email if we have before engineer sent out to you.

G.Company brief introduction and our main products:

We are the most professional medical Turn-key producing project supplier in China. We could let you have the top tolerance of +-0.02-0.05mm for all different kinds of medical tubing and industrial pipe hose diameter controlling by our high precision extruder machine line, which is also the same standard and machine quality as Europe and USA, but with much lower selling price. With wide business connection and cooperation all over the China in last 18 years, we also support our customers to find out the just right best price for all other related medical equipment and high quality medical products and hospital equipment in China. The following are our main machinery and products:


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