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Know More About The Blister Packing And Softgel Encapsulation Machines
Jan 20, 2018
In this age of technological advancements, one can only expect world class packaging in the pharmaceutical sector. Without a good packaging, the medicine will lose its medicinal power. While some of the medicines are available in tablet and capsule format, there are also some, which are available in softgel form. Well, there are lots of complicated machines to take care of all these requirements. There is a machine called blister packing machine, with which the food, medicines, drugs and cosmetics are packed with the blister packing technology. There are different kinds of machines available for blister packing and softgel encapsulation, which makes life easier for the pharmaceutical companies.Different kinds of blister packing machine:

One can choose from the Rotary thermoforming machine, flat forming and rotary sealing machines, or the flat forming and flat sealing machines. All these machines are particularly useful for all capsules, ampoules, injectable, vials, and other pharmaceutical formulations. These ensure that the quality of the medicines do not get affected in any way. Most of the machines make use of Computer aided designs, so that the efficiency is optimized and cost, quality and reliability is not compromised. Well, you can choose the right kind of blister packing machine, based upon your needs.

Softgel stands for soft Gelatine. The fully automatic encapsulation machine for softgel is used for making soft gelatin capsules. All the parts of the machines are made with chrome plating and stainless steel, so that the GMP requirements are met. Also, the process of making and filling the gelatin ribbon is done on the same machine.

The process of gelatin encapsulation starts from the melting of gelatin, and then mixing the colour and the formula to it. With the help of the encapsulation machine, the solidification of melted gelatin is done. The medical solutions are then filled up and sealed. After that, the gelatin capsules are cut, and are formed into softer gelatine capsules. The capsules are then sent to the tumbler dryer with the help of a conveyor, where they are given a shape. Once the shape is given, the gelatin capsules are taken to the drying room, where they are completely dried. Once the drying process is over, the capsules are inspected, and the oily stains are taken off with the help of cleaning machine. Then, they go through a packing process.

Our extruder factory has been eatablished for near 18 years since 2000. We are focused on developping and designing the most precision, highest stable and top professional medical and industrial extruder machine line system these years. Multi-type extruders adopt world famous AC frequency converter with free maintenance function, optional Japan Mitsubishi servo motor, Japan OMRON temperature controller, German Siemens PLC controlling system with Siemens human-computer interface, laser type tube OD detecting gauge with advanced closed loop function, etc. Compact structure, easy operation, extensive capacity and applicable to various plastic material and different application. The just right price of our precision extrusion equipment is formed from continuous designing and standard modular manufacturing. Our strict production standards and precise parameters controlling system guarantee the highest precision, most stable and top professional medical and industrial extruder machine equipment in China.